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Interview with DYI

1. Can you tell me how and why you started Hall Counseling & Wellness?

My passion of walking alongside people, especially women, during their darkest moments, by using the gifts I’ve been given, prompted me to start Hall Counseling & Wellness. Change is both a beautiful and challenging process, and I am honored to be someone who can offer support and guidance. I strive to create a safe space where clients feel heard and cared for.

2. Can you tell me about your services? Can you tell me about how and why you believe in Walking and Talking Therapy?

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and offer many types of services for individuals, couples and families. One of the newest services is walk & talk therapy. The pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways. For many, it has been a forced slow down, changing the ways we interact with others, including therapists. Now, many of my clients prefer outdoor environments, which created the space to develop “walk & talk.” With my clients’ consent, it provides an opportunity to walk through the park and process their week together. Clients responded so well that it has now become a regular service I offer. It has been confirmed by many studies that being in nature relieves stress, strengthens immunity, calms the mind, assists in weight management, benefits short term memory, and increases lovegevity.

3. What inspires you and motivates you to help others?

My faith is very important to me and it motivates me to do what I do every day. What inspires me is how my clients are choosing to lean into discomfort that growth requires, developing tools and self-awareness that moves them toward healing and change. It is one of my greatest joys to get to serve people in this way.

4. How do you take care of yourself as a business owner?

Integrity and boundaries are two important values in both my personal and professional life. While it is difficult for me to maintain boundaries, with all the different roles I play, I make an effort to implement self-care as a daily rhythm.

I encourage my clients in some of the same practices that I use myself. Examples of these are: prayer, meditation, exercise, good nutrition, journaling, personal connection and sleep!

Lastly, I love to take silent retreats, ladies weekends and marriage retreats a couple of times a year to refocus, replenish my soul and just be still!

5. What do you like about our HIGH SHINE TIGHTS? :)

I love these pants! Whether I’m working in my office, taking my kids to activities, working out, or going out, these all-day pants are suitable for any place my day might take me. They are stylish while also feeling comfortable. The high quality fabric and construction is evident from the first time I put them on. After numerous wears, they still look like new today.

Interview credit: DYI

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Hall maintains many roles in life including wife, mother, mentor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. As the founder of Hall Counseling & Wellness Hall Counseling | Houston TX: Christian, Jennifer sees a variety of clients in a private practice focusing on personal issues relating to relationship distress, anxiety, depression and other disturbances. Central to her therapeutic work is employing a holistic approach with her clients, integrating nutrition, stress management, exercise and faith. To implement this more effectively, Jennifer offers walk & talk therapy at Memorial Park, giving clients the option to go on walks during their sessions.

Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Counselor Supervisor in the State of Texas. In addition to her vocational work, Jennifer is passionate about connecting people to one another, empowering women overseas and locally. She enjoys creating environments to do so by hosting events in her home and giving back to the community she grew up in, Houston Texas. She loves to travel and prioritizes time with family and friends, working out, as well as spiritual and professional growth. Jennifer has been married to Justin for 13 years and they share three children Jadon, Jordyn, and Joanna. She and her family are deeply involved in their local church as well as their neighborhood in Houston.


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