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Christ-Centered Counseling Services


Because God created you uniquely, we want to spend our time together catering to meet your needs and goals in our sessions. Many counseling goals take around 8 sessions to complete. Some issues are complex and take longer. Our aim is to give you the methods, tools, and pace of counseling that's right for you. We regularly check in on progress so no one ever feels “in the dark”. 

If you are feeling nervous about coming in, that is completely normal. A big part of our job is to help you feel safe and comfortable. We will try our best to do that for you and/or your family. We are here to come alongside you during this journey. 

Our Counseling and Supervision Services

Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy allows you to work directly with one of our trained therapists to address your emotional, mental, or behavioral needs. Through our various therapeutic techniques and approaches, we aim to help you gain insight, develop coping strategies, and work towards personal growth and positive change.


Theraplay focuses on enhancing the emotional connection between parents and children. We strive to promote healthy bonding, trust, and positive interactions. The goal is to address attachment issues, build self-esteem, and improve social and emotional skills in children, while supporting caregivers in developing nurturing and responsive relationships.

Family Counseling

Family therapy addresses interpersonal dynamics, communication patterns, and conflicts within the family unit. One of our therapists will help you and your family members identify underlying patterns of interaction that might be contributing to issues and work to develop healthier ways of relating to one another.


Our therapists like to guide our patients through a discipleship relationship, which focuses on a commitment to learning, growth, and the walking out of Christian beliefs, practices, and values. In a one-on-one relationship, you will partner with a therapist to deepen your understanding of faith — the same way Jesus and his disciples did — to find guidance and hope.


Convenience, accessibility, and flexibility are all provided with teletherapy. Instead of meeting in person, therapists and clients interact through video calls, phone calls, chat messages, or other online communication methods. You can receive therapeutitreatment  from the comfort of your home, or any other place with internet access. 


In 2021, we became Hall Counseling & Associates, growing the business to mentor and develop young therapists. Practicum students in Houston who partner with us will be prepared to open the door for others to address their own internal anxieties and struggles. This training is a difficult process, but it is deeply rewarding.

Areas of Counseling We Focus On

  • Gottman Method for Marriage and Couples: The Gottman Method is a research-based approach that focuses on improving couples' relationships by enhancing communication, understanding, and emotional connection.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT is a goal-oriented therapy that addresses emotional challenges by identifying and altering negative thought patterns and behaviors.

  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention: TBRI is an attachment-focused approach designed to help children who have experienced trauma develop healthy relationships and self-regulation skills.

  • Family Communication: Family communication counseling aims to improve interaction and understanding within families by addressing communication barriers and fostering effective dialogue.

  • Family Art/Sand Tray: Family art and sand tray therapy involve creative expression to explore family dynamics, emotions, and relationships in a non-verbal and symbolic manner.

  • Anxiety & Depression: Counseling for anxiety and depression focuses on understanding and managing symptoms, developing coping strategies, and fostering emotional well-being.

  • Trauma: Trauma-focused therapy helps individuals process and heal from traumatic experiences, addressing the emotional impact and promoting resilience.

  • Attachment & Adoption Adjustments: This counseling assists in navigating the challenges of attachment issues and transitions related to adoption, supporting healthy bonding and adjustment.

  • Behavioral Issues: Counseling for behavioral issues involves identifying underlying factors, teaching coping skills, and implementing behavior management strategies.

  • ADHD Coaching: ADHD coaching provides strategies to manage symptoms, improve focus, and enhance time management and organization skills.

  • Self-esteem Issues: Counseling for self-esteem concerns aims to build self-worth, self-acceptance, and confidence by exploring and challenging negative self-perceptions.

  • Coping & Social Skills: Counseling for coping and social skills helps individuals develop effective strategies to manage stress, build relationships, and navigate social situations.

  • School Behavior & Achievement: This counseling addresses academic challenges, behavior management, and study skills to enhance school performance and engagement.

  • Cutting: Therapy for cutting behaviors focuses on understanding underlying emotions, developing healthier coping mechanisms, and promoting emotional regulation.

  • Grief & Loss: Grief counseling supports individuals in processing and adapting to the emotions and changes associated with loss.

  • Anger: Anger management counseling helps individuals understand and manage anger triggers, fostering healthier emotional expression.

  • Sensory Processing Difficulties: Counseling for sensory processing difficulties assists individuals in managing sensory sensitivities and challenges.

  • Parental Discipline & Setting Boundaries: Parenting counseling provides strategies for effective discipline, communication, and boundary-setting within the family dynamic.

Therapeutic Resources Available to You

The Hard Work of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an active process that requires facing what's in front of you. Through this exercise, you will connect with God — and more of yourself — when you choose to forgive someone. 

For Those Struggling With Depression

Depression is an overwhelming feeling that takes over every part of you. Our therapists can help you walk through this guide to find the words of hope needed to overcome that feeling.

Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire

Every Christian is gifted in some aspect of ministering to others, ranging from administration to shepherding. Use this to determine what your spiritual gifts are.
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Interested in counseling services focused on Christ and the redemption he brings to us? Book an appointment with one of our compassionate therapists and meet on a schedule that works with your needs.

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