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Hall Counseling
& Associates

Our Story

We are a boutique biblical counseling ministry that is Christ-Centered, biblically rooted and provides clinically competent care to all of our clients. We also desire to serve alongside churches and para-church ministries to provide the best care for individuals and families. 

This mission has always been Jennifer Hall’s deep desire to serve all Texans without any discrimination or limitations. We believe that God is in controlled and we are stewarding the gift he has given each therapist to serve the clients to be best of our ability. We are honored that people would allow us to step into there deepest struggles and we do not take that call lightly. 

Hall Counseling & Associates are ready to serve you today with a complementary 15 min free consultation with a therapist that you would like to work with, please contact Jill Carlson at to schedule your first appointment. 


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