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Suffering in this world is real! Such things as grief, depression, addiction, social skills, communication, parenting, dating, marriage, identity, and other issues can cripple a person. We offer professionally competent, Biblically sound counseling for those that may be struggling. 


We know that reaching out for help is hard. Telling your story to someone you don't know can be scary. We completely understand. We want to encourage you to take a step in faith and ask for help. Our time together will be safe, confidential, and filled with purpose.


We have options for counseling including individuals, couples, and families. We offer weekly, biweekly and monthly counseling. 

Before booking an individual appointment, we are happy to offer a free 15-minute phone intake to address any questions you might have before our first session. Please contact Jill at We will contact you within 24 hours. 

Thank you and we look forward to hearing your story! 

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