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Jennifer is a licensed supervisor of counseling interns seeking licensure in the state of Texas. The supervision process, as we see it, involves working to understand not only what skills are necessary to work with the subtle nature of a person’s heart, but also those things in a therapist's own story that usually stand in the way of engaging others with wisdom and compassion. This process will prepare you to open the door for others to address their own internal anxieties and struggles. We love the labor of engaging with another’s deepest stories and want those whom we supervise to come to a place of competency in the process. This process is hard but deeply rewarding. It will stretch you to become a more intuitive and wise helper.

If you are an LPC intern looking for a supervisor, email Jennifer at

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Interested in counseling services focused on Christ and the redemption he brings to us? Book an appointment with one of our compassionate therapists and meet on a schedule that works with your needs.

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