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Our Space

An Answered Prayer in The Heights

Since the Fall of 2023, we've been able to see so many answered prayers through this space Hall Counseling and Associates gets to call home. Our team has been praying for a house to work out of — a place that feels welcoming and open to anyone we see.  


The House

Located in the middle of The Heights, this home is a peaceful environment that is meant to feel like you're coming to talk to a friend. You'll be welcomed with a beautiful yard and porch as you come up to the house and into the waiting main area. 


Our "Offices"

Our therapists have their own offices throughout the bedroom of the house. Each one has their personal touches to give you a glimpse of who they are. From the lighting to the seating, everything is chosen to make you feel comfortable and open. 


The Amenities

From plenty of restrooms to a full kitchen, our space has anything you could need while coming in for your appointment. So come on in and make yourself at home!


Our Home Gym

Step into our counseling office's inviting home gym, where we offer personalized training sessions to complement your mental health journey. Our certified personal trainers tailor workouts to individual needs, fostering holistic well-being as you strengthen both body and mind.

Interior Decor Plant


Interested in counseling services focused on Christ and the redemption he brings to us? Book an appointment with one of our compassionate therapists and meet on a schedule that works with your needs.

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